Brain parts

  Sunday 03 June 2007 - 15:26:18 | Admin

Cardiff based training company AWiTraining turned to mDesign to realise the imagery for a direct mail campaign. "We already had the concept of ready-made brains on airfix sprues, to market our range of interactive training CDs" said Ash White, director of AWiT. "We needed somebody who could put it all together in a realistic and believable way."

"The image produced by mDesign was exactly as we imagined it would be."

For the technically minded, the image was created by montaging three seperate images in Adobe PhotoShop. Some deft colour balancing was required before selectively focusing on the centre brain. Said Martyn Davies of mDesign: "To make this idea work, photo-realism was the only way to go. We photographed some of the elements in our own studio, that way we had complete control over the lighting balance. From there on in, the montage was pretty straight forward stuff."

"As a small and flexible company, we are just as happy to work with the client's own concepts as we are with our own. We can dovetail in at any level, from concept through design to finished art."
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